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Raccoon Traps | Live Coon Traps

If you are trapping raccoons, the quality of the traps used will ultimately determine your rate of success. Coon traps are in the form of cages, either one or two door versions, constructed of sturdy wire mesh, reinforced with steel and galvanized for rust resistance. The spring loaded cage doors are designed for easy set-up and release, to protect you from the captured raccoon.

The traps can weigh anything from 5 pounds up to a hefty 21 pounds, have solid safety locks and smooth interior edges, to protect the raccoon from unnecessary harm.
They also feature a solid plate, which acts as a cover for the top of the contraption as well as the door opening. This is hugely significant for the hunter, as it acts as a hand guard and limits the amount of actual contact needed with the trapped animal.

A sensitive trigger device, designed to fire only when the animal with the targeted size approaches, ensures that there are no undesirable catches. These live raccoon traps are easily transported using a rigid, plastic carry handle, which also enables you to hold the cage away from your body. To release the catch stay at the rear of the trap and open the door using the safe-release lever located on the top.

Put in place at dusk, and use foods for bait such as fish, sweet covered vegetables, cooked fatty meat or marshmallow, and return later to meet your catch.

Top 5 Amazon Raccoon Traps

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