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Coon Calls

To allow yourself the best opportunity of success when raccoon hunting, it makes sense to take along anything which might improve your chances of success, and that certainly includes one of the quality raccoon calls currently available. These squalling devices have a proven track record of enticing the creatures from their hiding places, with sounds that are remarkably similar to the real thing.

The easy to blow calls often come as a dual reed system, are extremely durable and moisture proof, meaning they are built to last.

They can mimic several of the regular growling, purring and chirping noises, such as those of fighting coons, or that of a kitten in distress.

Some people might struggle a little with the mouth calls that require blowing, so they may prefer one of the different types of coon calls, like the innovative hand rattle call, which has been developed along the same lines as a baby's rattle but it still creates a realistic sound, so it's equally effective.

These calls can be made from aluminum or even unbreakable tenite, making them a partner for life on your hunting trips. The volume can reach astonishing levels, sure to have the raccoons darting out of the trees to investigate what is occurring. There are even glow-in-the-dark versions on sale, for those evening/night hunts. They are compact, lightweight, and user friendly, making them an absolute must for any serious coon hunter.

Top 3 Amazon Raccoon Calls

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