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Coon Hunting Videos

Scott Turnage of the G3 Sportsman joins long time dog trainer Randy Smith of Mtn View to experience the lost art of raccoon hunting.
Vender hunt biggest coon wins. Split treed and use the garmin to prove it. Go to first dogs 2 walkers show coon then go down to where the blue dog is. Shoot coon go back to where walkers treed and the coon comes down and fights the dogs. Show a successful way to use the garmin hunting.

Coon Hounds Training Videos

Redbone coon hound puppies in their initial training. Lots of progress already! Solid pups at only 3 months of age. Its about genetics, how they are handled and treated from an early age, and how much fun training is for the dog
Two dogs are trained to tree a raccoon.

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