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Coon Hunting Clothing

When choosing the most suitable coon hunting clothing, hunters must take several aspects into consideration:

- Footwear - wool socks with cotton liners are recommended for coon hunting so that you can keep your feet away from blistering or sweating issues.

- Weight - hunters must acquire light clothes that keep them both warm and comfortable. The clothing must allow the hunter to move around with no difficulties and also must be wearable even after a few hours of hunting.

- Bag - we recommend avoiding big and heavy bags. It is better to carry around 2-3 smaller bags rather than a large one. Another reason for owning at least two bags is that you will probably want to separate your catch from your clothing that is why one bag is for the catch and the other one is for the clothing and accessories.

- Personal needs - take only the most necessary items so that you won't carry a lot of useless weight.

In terms of money, you basically get what you pay for that is why you should avoid the cheapest products on the market because of their poor quality and limited reliability. Don't purchase the most expensive products either, a compromise must be made between quality and cheapness.

Another issue regarding coon hunting clothes is that all of it must blend in with the terrain/landscape in which raccoons are living so that they won't observe something different, something suspicious.

One last piece of advice, we recommend searching the market thoroughly before purchasing your clothing. This is one of the most important aspects a hunter must take into consideration so look for the most suitable clothing for your particular style of hunting. There are many products to choose from, you only need patience and of course, money.

Top 5 Amazon Coon Hunting Clothing

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