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Raccoon Calling

Although not very familiar among raccoon hunters, calling these animals can improve the hunter's efficiency. Not many studies have been done in this domain but one thing is for sure, there are many similarities between how to call raccoons and how hunters call foxes. Below we will try to share our raccoon calling tips that we consider to be useful for both amateur and professional hunters who want to start calling these animals in order to get better results out on the hunting field.

Calling coons is somewhat similar with calling foxes because both animals come into a spot and then circle around you many times. Always remember that the maximum calling time should be of about 10 minutes or so. After that, make a pause and wait to see if you get any responses. If you are planning to use a call for coons, we recommend that you hang it from a tree branch that is aimed in the direction you believe the raccoons will come from. We recommend that you hunt along with a friend, back to back, as these animals can come from anywhere and you don't want to be surprised. You should try different volumes, go up, go down and make the power of the wind an advantage.

The recommended calls for this procedure would be rodent squeaks, bird distress, a predator call with "small" sounds or anything similar with the above mentioned. Using a raccoon call along with a coon hound can drastically improve your chances for a more fruitful hunting adventure.

Coon Calling Tips

Here are a couple of tips that will come in hand the next time you try coon calling:

1. Call within the first hours of darkness;
2. Call for about 3 to 4 minutes, make a pause for 5 minutes and call again;
3. Set up in a field close to corn, den trees or a streambed;
4. Start calling with a food call that is non-threatening;
5. Use chicken in distress, partridge, quail, mallard ducks etc;
6. If you don't get any answers, use raccoon puppies;
7. If this doesn't work either, use a raccoon fight call or something similar;
8. Try moving to another location if you don't get any responses;
9. Shine trees after calling, both in and out the calling area;
10. Try different calling styles until you get proper results, don't forget to always use the wind in your advantage.

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