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Cajun Coon Lights

If we have a brief look at all the hunting games practiced in the present, we shall find that we need lights mostly for the nocturnal animals, like the raccoon. There are many types of Cajun coon lights out there. For example, there are those products that can be pointed into any direction and the predicament is that the coon hunter has to carry both, the gun (rifle/shotgun) and the aforementioned hunting light. Another possibility is to use a light that is attached to the gun.

There are many hunters out there that use a light which is attached to a cap as it provides a headgear and also a reliable source of illumination. In addition, it also saves the confusion between a gun and the hunting light. We recommend that you focus on purpose and not on fashion when you decide to buy hunting lights, regardless if it is for coon hunting or other game. In addition, always remember to carry lots of batteries before heading out to the hunting field, needless to say why.

The necessity of Cajun coon hunting lights has grown over the years and as a consequence, there are many types of manufacturers that offer such products, in different shapes and designs. The lights range from 6V battery powered lights to the battery halogen lights with 12V. You won't have any problems choosing one, because there are dozens of products out there, from simple hand lamps, to practical head lamps and very powerful scope lights.

Things have evolved since the early days and the newest types are LED-based. Introduced back in the 60s to be used for low voltage applications, it makes them suitable for nocturnal raccoon hunting. Over the years, the LED got brighter and brighter and taking into consideration that there is no filament to blow out, it makes them suitable for such an activity. The typical battery drain is 50 hours on low and 25 hours on a high beam, enough for most of us.

As you can see, these Cajun coon lights have come a long way since the 19th century, from using whale oil; and after that the carbide light, Coleman lantern. In addition, the progress made with the batteries has been significant over the years and now we can benefit not only from bright LED lights, but also from very resistant batteries, exactly what we need when hunting raccoons in the night.

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