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Coon hunting is an incredibly admired practice, particularly in Northern America, and it's referred to hunting raccoons, a nocturnal mammal in the genus Procyon of the Procyonidae family. Clever and mischievous animals, the raccoons are hunt for their precious fur as well as for their delicious meat. Although the number of animals killed each year is considerable, the species is not in danger because they breed heavily (in the winter time) and their number is kept constant as not to perturbate nature's balance. The hunting season for coons starts in late spring and lasts through the summer time.
Raccoons are intelligent, nocturnal omnivores that live in the northern and southern part of the American continent and, since recently, in central Europe as well. They range from 12" to 28" in length (including the tail, 8"-16") and they weigh between 12 and 35 lb. A raccoon's diet consists mainly of berries, insects, eggs, frogs and other small animals, but they will eat just about anything. These fury little animals are very clever and curious, being able to open any kind of lock, can or door with their sharp and thin claws.
Coons have very few natural enemies and breed abundantly (2 to 7 kits), which is why their number has to be kept under control. They destroy millions of dollars worth of crops nationwide each year. Many farmers get crop depredation permits to have hunters take the raccoons destroying their crops. Agile beings, excellent swimmers and climbers, the raccoons are a worthy challenge for any hunter.Because they are nocturnal creatures, raccoon hunting is performed at night most often using specially trained hunting dogs and the crucial coon hunting lights, as well as a wide range of gear and supplies. A coon dog must be mature (about 8-10 years), well trained and in good shape, able to run in all kinds of territory, and often in and out of water. In order to read more about training your dog to be a good raccoon dog, check our coon hound training section.

Coon hunting can be an engaging and entertaining activity if you know what you are doing. For this to be a great experience you need to know everything about these wonderful creatures, their habits, their weaknesses; and you must know which supplies and gears you need to use. Keep these in mind and you will have a rewording coon hunting season.
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